Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Carrera 10K Inscríbete en tiendas GNC de Portales, Oakland Mall, Plaza Atanasio, Futeca zona 14, Montufar, Miraflores y Plaza San Nicolás.   Read the Full Story
RECORRIDO Salida y Meta: Palacio Nacional. Donación: Q75.00 (adultos) y Q.35.00 para la categoría infantil. Incluye: Número, Playera Dryfit, Hidratación y medalla al ingresar a la meta.   Read the Full Story
Corre por la Reducción de desastres Donación: Q75.00 (adultos) y Q.35.00 para la categoría infantil. Incluye: Número, Playera Dryfit, Hidratación y medalla al ingresar a la meta.   Read the Full Story

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Feature 1

Gantry Framework v2.0

Versatile, dynamic template framework, with features such as the 960 grid system, inbuilt GZip compression and an extensive, intuitive administrative interface.

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Feature 2

3 Level Splitmenu & Fusion

Splitmenu displays its 2nd level menu items horizontally below the main menu bar, and its 3rd level items in the sidebar. The powerful Fusion Menu is also present.

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Feature 3

Full RTL Support

Gantry and core template side RTL support, from the framework's grid structure to the Fusion menu, content typography and module styling.

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conred logo1La SE-CONRED agradece toda la colaboración y el valioso apoyo recibido por los Cooperantes para la realización del II Festival Cultural por una Guatemala Resiliente, el cual se llevará a cabo el domingo 13 de octubre de 2013.


dia-de-la-nina En el día internacional de la niña

Hace falta trabajar más en crear mejores condiciones para ellas y definir protocolos de actuación en desastres que las protejan de la discriminción, la violencia y el abuso sexual.

Main Content 2 Module Variations

Choose from 8 Ribbon and 8 Box styles to diversify and enhance your modular content beyond simple default styling.

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Powered by Gantry

Version 2.0

A powerful, feature rich framework used for assembling, building and maintaining a RocketTheme template

Gantry 2.0 has a plethora of powerful features, such as the 960 grid system, RTL support, and an extensive administrative interface. Read More

We're pleased to say that our new Gantry Framework checks all the boxes and we feel it is a real game-changer when it comes to developing templates for platforms such as Joomla.
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Styled Addons

Extensions are an important aspect of any Joomla site, and Kinetic has styled integrated for many of our RocketTheme extensions such as RokStories, RokAjaxSearch, RokTabs, & RokNewsPager

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Mootools Powered CSS Dropdown Menu A javascript enhanced menu, which is fully compatible with search engines unlike typical js menus.

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Basic support for the outdate web browser IE6 is primarily limited by the forcing of LTR, the low detail level and Suckerfish if Fusion is active.

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Kinetic is compatible with RokGZipper All Kinetic's javascript and CSS files are compatible with the RokGZipper performance enhancement tool.

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PNG Sources

Image sources files accompany this release

All sources are compatible with Adobe Fireworks CS3+ only, no other formats are available.

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Demo Launcher

A full and installable copy of the Kinetic demo

Download our RocketLauncher pack to install an exact copy of this Joomla demo on your server.

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Module Styling

18 module class suffixes are available

Choose from 8 colored ribbon styles, 8 colored box styles, and the footer or flush suffixes.

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The template is fully compliant with the XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS3 standards, as set by the World Wide Web Consortium.

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